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Sgt Barry Kenneth Meza

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league-city-texasBorn: May 18, 1981 in Harris County, Texas
Died: December 19, 2004 in Kuwait

Sgt. Barry K. Meza of League City, Texas attended schools in Seguin, Texas where he was active in the Naval R.O.T.C., and graduated from Clear Creek High School. Barry was a very outgoing person who enjoyed life and would always tell everyone, ‘Life is short. Live everyday like it is your last.” He was preceded in death by his father Richard Meza and he is survived by his mother, Tammy Brazle and her husband Mark; grandparents, Vera & Julian Meza and Helen & Roy Elliott; sons, Richard & Barry, sister, Rachael. He was serving his third tour of duty in the Middle East when he was struck by a car while changing a tire. He was 23.
180th Transportation Battalion
13th Corps Support Command
Fort Hood, Texas

Burial is at Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery in Dickinson, Texas

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    March 28th, 2012 at 17:32 | #1

    friends. I knew Barry from school. We became really good friends in Mary B. Erskine elementary 5th grade. we stayed friends until I lost touch with him in high school. when I heard about his passing it hurt me even though I had not spoken to him in yrs. All the years I knew him he was one of the best men and friends ive met in life; we were just kids back then he was the kínd of person who did the right thing and would stick up for any one he saw being mistreated in any way, yup i saw him stand up to more than a few cowards bullying the little guy and he didnt use violence he just let them see what dicks they were being and would make them apologize! Haha and they always would. I always respect him for being a stand up guy like that and ive sat & ate at tables with some tough guys to say it nicely im not proud of the mistakes that placed me there but Ive paid my dues owed to my society for my mistakes my point is just that Barry has the respect & love from some people in low places or that once was. Ive changed my life & am very happy all the good & bad & good times & how we learn from make us who we are. Im blessed to have had Barry as a friend my condolences to his family for their loss to his children know that your father was always a brave man and he always had a big smile im sure glad i have this chance to say how much i will always miss his friendship. With love to all our fallen brothers & sisters god bless u all.

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